visioni by oltredesign™ is the patent pending surface covering solution to bring art everywhere. WET ART™ by oltredesign is a innovative product for applying large-format non-repeating handmade decorative panels in wet and damp enviroments such as showers, bathroom, spas etc.

The artistic panels are created by international artists with natural pigments, precious dust, leaves, acrylic colors, and they’re coated with anti UV special resins.

visioni is designed to cover or backlit any type of surface (flat or curved) as an alternative to classic tiles, mosaics, wallpapers to create unique interior design.



forme by oltredesign™ is an incredible furniture collection that combine luxurious materials and resin details uniting a shared heritage of acient craftsmanship techniques.

oltredesign creates unique, refined, fresh, furnishings that are the fruit of the best traditions of upholsterers, cabinet-makers, decorators, carves and carpenters.
The evolution of this line combines masterful craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Once again, Art takes shape creating unique pieces of design.


You've never seen anything like our floorings because they didn't exist. WET ART™ is a real innovation.

flussi by oltredesign is the patent panding solution to create seamless, non-repeating and large format handmade decorative panels for floors.

Customize unique flooring to transform your house in your home. We will help you by creating seamless "canvas".


be inspired. be unique. be innovative.

With over seven years of artistic experience, oltredesign™ has been a pioneer in the industry, creating products to meet all of your projects needs.

As a leader in the industry, our international renowned painter has created a spectacular selection of unique designs, setting the latest design trends.

We look forward to hearing from you!

An ageless Ottaviano
16 July 2016 An ageless Ottaviano
Be amazed by the contrast between the metallic legs and the painted top.
Crossing, a very special painting
14 July 2016 Crossing, a very special painting
An elegant painting for a private house in Hong Kong